ELEANOR BROWN: Singing for collective rising



call to stand is a fine selection of three years Earth’s pilgrimage songwriting as an enlightening and awakening experience of the sublime, celebrating the seasons with hands in the ancient wisdom of Nature, as a chance of transformation.

eleanor 2

“I spent moments camping in amongst some of the oldest trees in the world…those redwood trees were there standing, through time.”

This delicate gift realized by the British artist Eleanor Brown is an invitation to rise, igniting soul empowerment, as an act of courage and independence through self-development and self-awareness, in order to expand a new collective vision.

MUSIC VIDEO by Joey Walters (A call to stand: Feminine Wisdom Circle)

Stand for yourself so you can stand for another, stand in your heart so you can stand for the world.

Eleanor Brown’s EP ‘A call to stand’ inspires to explore the power of freedom as a seed that lies in every creature to reconcile our intimate friendship with the Earth’s rhythm. The listener will be nourished and becomes part of these sacred melodies as a whole, while the notes fly up drawing an embrace in the air, to welcome all unheard voices, like a flock of migratory birds, dedicated in building interconnections for peace and harmony.


A call to stand is about belonging and becoming, individual and collective rising, practicing Love beyond fear.


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