ANDREW BEGAY: Along the Navajo path


Being a writer and an activist means much more than telling a story to me. It means to be a witness who can embrace the stories that I met.

As a child I loved watching the portraits in Florence city centre. I always imagined people’s faces as maps of the human history. My dream is walking through the roads drawn on human faces to tell the roots, destinations, resources, choices and possibilities, in order to connect identities, honoring voices, celebrating the memory of our ancestors, reconciling the past with the present by expanding our collective consciousness, to feel part of one family.



This project will require definitely many years. Humus 4 Change’s mission includes Cultural diversity. I will be very grateful if you would like to join me in honoring with your love and generosity the first story through time at Humus 4 Change: Andrew Begay (Master flute maker, Wood sculptor and Storyteller).


In the coming weeks I will interview Andrew, who will share with me his experience about growing up in Navajo traditional way, on a Native American Indian reservation in Arizona.

We welcome donations to thank Andrew for his time and for sharing his memories.

In order to give your contribution please visit our campaign page:


Cristina Russo

Founder at Humus 4 Change





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